Friday, December 23, 2011

Tokleh tehe: In Malaysia you cannot even admit your mistakes openly

I have never said I am a total neutral. I am always a BN supporter but I also criticise BN if I think what they do is too much. Yet, there are times I also agree a lot with the PR for certain things done right. I am always a centrist leaning towards BN all these while if all you have not yet noticed.

Many close friends know well I am a BN fellow.

Therefore, while I attended many functions within DAP, PKR and the Selangor government, I was still a member of a party within BN coalition. I have friends from both coalition and during Tenang By-Election, I even attended both BN and PR camps!

Ask anyone, I have always invited both the coalition in things I do, particularly instrumental as the ONLY one who would interviewed YB Chang Lih Kang, YB Elizabeth Wong during the Youth Lab, listed among others Nurul Izzah and Nik Nazmi as politic youth icons in my reports.

Yet, when I invited Dato' Sri Dr Chua Soi Lek as a speaker in Kahwin4.0 Youth Forum, all sorts of comments come about. They forgot that their enemy could be Soi Lek himself, but they dragged me into it by calling me "losing political neutrality", "losing dignity". Kahwin4.0 is a youth forum and a forum initiated by myself. I think I hold the rights to invite any leaders I feel worth a discussion.

Funny thing was, these comments only come from people who have NOT attended the forum! They did not know WHAT Kahwin4.0 stands for, they did not know what Kahwin4.0 is all about and they did not know WHY Soi Lek was chosen. Yet, many assumed it was a marriage talk, accusing how Soi Lek could talk about marriage and all kinds of "women should not invite Soi Lek to any events"

And yet, DURING the forum, I was literally SHOCKED to see women walking passed our venue of event voluntarily wanting to listen to the very man people said was TAINTED. Another shocker came when a female would stood up and said "This is the first time I met you and I have all the respect for you for your dignity to take responsible for what you have done and resigned at that time." And after the event, I have this cool duckie said this:

Had fair share of accusements, finger pointing, names calling, tweet "siege" (????) and bombarded by many!

By organising this close door (close door some more!!) youth forum alone, even my friends could call me "losing political neutrality" just because of one event. Never finding out who wrote the website content - by taking a look at it, I was accused as too complimentary in the content towards the man we invited.

Now I understand that a friend could be otherwise just because you invite his opponent/enemy or someone he dislikes, to an event. Now where did common sense or friendship go?

I sometimes hated people but I have never lose respect by calling names or pass certain remarks despite how bad the person has been to me. I recall a person whom I can still may never be able to forgive but yet I still respect all his achievements and accomplishments. Even till now, when someone bad mouth about him, I will still say the good things he has done.

Just like my cute yellow duckie friend said... On a professional level we respect Soi Lek... but his personal life is not for us to judge. All of us made mistakes and have our own idiosyncrasies.

This man had the dignity to admit his mistake OPENLY, dealt with his family members and resigned. Who in Malaysia has done the same, please raise your hands and you could be someone I'd like to interview too. :)

Come constant accusing.... I will invite the man to more events! Thank you friends who gave me a good birthday lesson.


  1. This is the norm in Malaysia. On the day that you make up your mind that you will be involved in politics and politicans, you ought to know this will happen to you. Well, I too had my fair share of criticism from both side of the divide. Who did not have any ? Just do what you thing is right for the society and yourself. All the best, my dear friend.

  2. Congratulations! Hoong Ling, in the first place you it's your programme and you have every right to invite whoever you think right for the programme. What is this BN or PKR got to do with it? Your show has another agenda, a sharing of thoughts. Well, what right have the others to criticize you as if you have sinned. Hoong Ling, you do just what you think is right, go ahead disrespect of them. So far, what you've been working on is fine. Are we sure the ones who criticized you are all 'saints' and 'angels' and if they are men they don't ever commit adultery or cheat on their wives and all evil deeds quietly hidden from the public and still brags on. You get my support, Hoong Ling and I hope to meet you one day.

  3. You cannot please everybody, but at least you're able to present the truth for the people to decide. I may not be aware of the real score in Malaysia as I'm in the Philippines, but using a little logic if not common sense would think that you did what is fair..neutral. Your decision to invite the person should not be tainted with political agendas or something, you have proven yourself as a selfless individual, a provider of unconditional assistance to mankind!

  4. THANK YOU friends for heads up. I didn't even involved in politics, inviting a politicians to a youth forum already invite enough. Yes with your support, friends... I will continue doing my works. THANK YOU!