Monday, January 24, 2011

Tenang By Election

It has been a long time since I last participated in any by election campaigns. I've experienced 4-5 by-elections and assisted in 3 general elections. By-elections are more fun than the general elections.

This time when there was a by election in Tenang - a small town in Labis, Johor, I felt a strong urge to provide assistance. Perhaps there's a feeling that I'm back! (Will explain later)

But this round will be even more interesting, since having a close Twitter friend @kwangchen who is a member of Angkatan Muda Keadilan, we will be joining campaigns for both BN and PR.

The journey
We started journey on Friday night - @jonathanfun, @eklern, @kwangchen and I (@hoongling). Reached Batu Pahat at midnight. When I thought we were going straight to the hotel to rest, our first destination was a karaoke for singing and drinking. A group of friends were already there including our friend, the MCA Gelang Patah division chairman, Jason Teoh.

At about 3.30am, after a good supper, we went to hotel for our sleep. We were told to gather at the hotel lobby by 6am to leave for Tenang. Less than 2 hours to sleep!

The by-election
I was awaken by 5.35am and prepared myself. By 6am I was done but calling those guys to no response, I knew they couldn't wake up. @alanwong8 who was also with Jason, called to say they were already on the way and asked that I rest and wait for those guys.

I slept and by 8.30am I saw tweets that showed they were awake. We had breakfast a headed to Tenang. Of course we missed the fun of nomination.

Went for lunch, saw a group of PKR youth members clad in orange. I thought BN was blue, PAS was green so I wore orange to be neutral. Little did I know it was the AMK's colour. Then to the PAS station, had rest and met some people.

The YB in MCA I texted and sent message to, did not reply me. In other words he ignored me. So, after some moving around and asking people, we found MCA Labis building. Went in to rest and bumped into YB Dato Wee Ka Siong and YB Chua Tee Yong.

We then started to follow YB Dato Wee to the row of shops next to the building. Door to door visit and we helped distribute flyers.

Then at 3.45pm we went back to the MCA hq to wait for YB Gan Ping Sieu's team for house to house visit. We did not know the entourage left without us. After waiting for half an hour, we gave up and went for KFC.

We saw Tian Chua and after food we wanted to join PKR for door to door visit when YB Gan finally replied. After some coordination we found the team and helped him in the walkabout.

Later we were supposed to attend and help in PR ceramah but couldn't find the locations. Gave up, we went to Kluang where Jonathan hosted us.

The night and the sharing
As YB Gan is also from Kluang, we had a drink with him till night. Jon asked a few questions and YB Gan gave us his views and insights of certain issues. Reflecting on his words, I personally think that our country needs more politicians like him who can give views with solid facts, referring to past history and understanding with empathy.

Hormati Suara Rakyat Selangor
After a night at Jon's house, we went back to KL headed straight to Petaling Jaya stadium for a rally organised by PR on returning the rights to Sultan.

Fell asleep at 10.30pm after tiring days in the car. I salute those YBs who always travel in the car, up and down the country for duties, attending functions after functions in a graveyard schedule.

May all our elected representatives have the strength and energy to work for the rakyat.

THANKS to Jason Teoh, MCA, PAS, PKR, Alvin Teoh, Jonathan and Eklern for the fun!

I'm back
My dream to be a politician began since school days but after some time I felt politics is not for me. By 17, I was already a social activist and leader in a few school organisations. I began helping in elections at that age by giving out flyers in the whole housing area and a Wanita PGRM division chairman asked me to join member and I did.

Then again in the next general election, I was going for walkabouts with the MP candidate. My candidate asked if I'm ok to follow him and risked being scolded, scorned off by the public at times and tiring myself under the sun for hours. I was alright.

Based in KL, I then chanced upon an opportunity to assist Dato Sri Ong Tee Keat in his constituency as his secretary. That was the time I realised politics is not for me. I focused on community service and helping people around the constituency.

Active in youth associations, I was also hand picked to be the Youth Ambassador on board the Southeast Asian Youth Program (SSEAYP). But 4 or 5 years ago I detached myself from all organisations especially those with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, politics killed my spirit.

Through these exposure, I then had opportunities to speak at forums and seminars, invited as panel speaker for Bicara Siswa twice and eventually a TV Presenter on Selamat Pagi Malaysia for two years.

All I wanted to do is to help communities and learn from people I meet, I lack the political will to fight for positions but yet I ended up having 12 positions, serving actively in 12 different organisations naturally. However, after my surgery donated liver, I needed rest so I relinquished posts in organisations requiring my active participation, time and signatories for cheques.

It was peace for 2 years - no persatuan, no kelab, no politics, no signing cheques (except one organisation), no activities, no hectic lifestyle, no graveyard schedule... I had heavenly sleep, enough rest, health got much better, even look younger (or at least stagnant - when I was 23, people said I looked 32, but as I now approach 31, people still say I look 32 too), had time for myself, understand myself even better... The list goes on. Most importantly I have time to share my experience and in that process encouraged more people to pledge their organs.

One major thing disrupted this. I was asked to join the Youth Development Transformation Lab - a 6-week full time lab to brainstorm for programs which could transform youths.

This could well be a full time job as I was also honored to be invited as member of the Implementation Committee. Luckily I still like my work as emcee, thus having much time for all these which are close to my heart - organ donation, youths.

From this point I felt that I'm back to the arena.. Though my first priority this year is to make my first million RM through green technologies, emceeing, speaking, training, and investments, I'll still spend time wherever possible for issues close to my heart.

Politics is still not my cup of tea...
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

To arak or not to arak?

The MPSJ guideline on banning Muslims working and serving non-halal food and beverage created much issues. However, as usual, I took opportunities like these to learn more about our Muslim brothers and sisters.

In the Holy Quran, which I always refer for guidance, stated this:

Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Bahawa sesungguhnya arak, dan judi, dan pemujaan berhala, dan mengundi nasib dengan batang-batang anak panah, adalah (semuanya) kotor (keji) dari perbuatan Syaitan. Oleh itu hendaklah kamu menjauhinya supaya kamu berjaya. (Al-Maaidah 5:90)

There wasn't any clause which states Muslims cannot serve alcoholic drinks. However, there's a verse in the Hadith mentioning this.

‎​Dari Annas bin Malik katanya, Nabi Muhammad s.a.w bersabda:
Sepuluh orang yang dikutuk Allah mengenai arak:-
pemakan wang hasilnya,
dan juga pemesannya (Hadis Riwayat Imam Tirmidzi)

There were so many who debated that they are fighting for the rights of Muslim brothers and sisters working in 7-11. They can work there but just abstain and do not handle alcoholic products. I've clarified with one imam besar; I asked, 'Ustaz, kalau seseorang muslim tu dia kerja kat restoran tapi dia tak jual, tuang atau handle apa-apa arak, dia cuma serve makanan saje... Macam tu boleh tak?' to which he said, 'kalau camtu boleh'

Some are saying is injustice and violate human rights, to these people are you trying to imply the teachings of Islam is violating human rights? I believe Islam is one of the most beautiful religion in the world.

Even in Buddhism, in the five precepts (5th precept) says

Surāmerayamajjapamādathānā veramanī sikkhāpadam samādiyāmi.
Which means
I undertake the training rule to abstain from fermented drink that causes heedlessness.

But it is up to the wisdom of individual to follow and understand its consequences. Buddha also guided us through the Middle Way.

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tokleh Tehe: A maternity issue becoming *fill in the blank* or vice versa

I can't believe that my second post labeled "Tokleh Tehe" is on this topic but do read on...

Almost forgot what's in the conversation but then it started with this...

 Tan Keng Liang 

Would any of u support PAS if PAS is not in PakatanRakyat? @ @ @

 Chew Hoong Ling 

I support the candidate, not the party @@ @

 Jason Lee 

@ @ @ I supported them even in 2004.

 Wilson J Q Quah 

@ @ @ no choice, I vote in subang, BN no good candidate here

 Tan Keng Liang 

@ Wuld u vote BN if tey hav good candidate in Subang? @ @ RT:no choice, I vote in subang, BN no good candidate here
(I thought the answer will be so obvious, who wouldn't vote for a good candidate?) 

 Wilson J Q Quah 

@ @ @ of coz. But last I heard @ wanna run in subang. Errrrr.......

 Tan Keng Liang 

@ Would u choose @ or @ which will be on maternity leave soon?

 Hannah Yeoh 

@ Mr Gerakan, what ru trying to imply concerning maternity leave? @ @

 Chew Hoong Ling 

@ @ @ @ perhaps all elected rep can't be pregnant during 5-year term!!! Buahahah
(Ya, I was trying to be funny here... as usual)

 Tan Keng Liang 

@ @ Correction:I never say elected rep cannot be pregnant or take maternity leave.I only state facts 4 rakyat 2 consider
(I think I did replied him - what facts? please elaborate...)

 Nik Nazmi 

@ I believe @ did very well in serving constituents while maternity leave @ @@

 Hannah Yeoh 

Mr @ from BN, I assure u I can work harder than some of ur BN MPs even when I'm on maternity leave

 Tan Keng Liang 

@ Tqvm for ur asurance.People at ur area wud be happy to hear that.Even most PR rep can't function better than those on maternity

I can't believe that I am now, for the first time, ashamed of being a Gerakan member after umpteen years in the party as sleeping member. 

Subsequent tweets:

 Tan Keng Liang 

@ Is it wrong 2 state someone wud b going on maternity leave soon? It's ur perception of my statement that's confusing @

 Tan Keng Liang 

My simple statement @ will go maternity leave has been twisted.Perhapw,PR under heavy pressure 2 deliver propoganda even if untrue
(I think he forgot I am Gerakan member, too.. why blaming game begins?)

 Tan Keng Liang 

Same like d 20sen RON97 hoax on NewYear eve, don't listen to anyone that suggest I'm against maternity leave or pregnant ladies @

 Tan Keng Liang 

Facinating tat stating PakatanRakyat MP will go on maternity leave would caused some PR supporter label me as sexist.Wonder what's next?

(when a tweep responded)

 Aidila Razak 

@ appreciate tht u didn't meant 2 b sexist bt it's x rite 2 imply tht sum1'd b less competent coz she's goin on maternity leave

(he replied....)

 Tan Keng Liang 

@ That's why I clarified directly to @.See my twit.But in politic, I understand d need of some ppl to capitalize on it.

Really cannot stand such remarks, no admission of faults and politicians keep on using words like "misinterpretations" and "twisting" when it is so obvious who is twisting.... and to be a practising lawyer and Kedah Gerakan Youth Chief. I had respect for him until today...