Saturday, December 31, 2005

A Year of Grace.....

Cool, 2005 is going away so soon... As I type, there is another 24 minutes left to a new year. Just like everyone else, my phone couldn't stop "beep beep", "beep beep". Yes, is another celebration which makes the telecommunication companies richer by a bit through the number of smses sent.

Malaysia has gone through a lot in the pass 2005. Almost every newspaper today summarise everything about our country and what has been happening throughout the year. Stories of our Squash World Champion, Nicole David, still stay fresh and she was even voted Malaysian of the Year by NST readers; surpassing even our Prime Minister. So when Pak Lah said to Nicole, "Now you are more famous than me...."; is true, huh?

Well, this year is a good year. It has given me massive opportunities to grow and to learn a lot of wonderful, interesting things. A year which has not much growth in my pockets but definitely full in experience. However, many of my pledges turned out to be.... only pledges. What to do, things are so unpredicatable.

So, the year is soon to be the past. So let's look into the present and future tense of our lives. Year 2006...... Here I come! With upbeating spirits, renewed mindsets, greater experience, and a new job!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

So WHY Worry?

Yeah, you have a prolem. Just answer yes or no to this question - can you solve the problem? Yes - then why worry? No - then, again, why worry?

(adapted from WHY WORRY? How to Live Without Fear and Worry by Dr. K. Sri Dhammananda)

A lot of energy is used up daily just to worry about our lives, financial situation, marriage problems, the house, the car, career, money, household, children, spouse, handphones, clothes, food, and anything else you can mention, someone is worrying about it.

Have we all focus on solutions instead of start worrying, the world will be much better place to live. Not that easy, you say? Then ask youself that question again - Can you solve the problem?