Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, Happy Christmas, Happy New Year

What the fuss about Christmas? "Is near New Year so it added more "merry" to it."
So what the fuss about birthday? "Mine? Is near Christmas! Ho! Ho.. ho..."

I have never (recalling correctly) applied leave for my birthday. (Ex-bosses, please remind me if I did). My birthday is so near Christmas and just a day after my birthday (23rd December la...) it will be Christmas so I have a holiday near that date, so why bother taking leave? I seldom even take extra holidays for Chinese New Year - a big day for Chinese (Malaysians) in Malaysia.

As hardworking or workaholic it may sound, I do take leave for charity works which is my passion. And also spiritual. I remember working in XeerSoft (current company) and have been taking long leaves - 7-day leave for meditation retreat, 2.5-month leave for liver donation surgery. XeerSoft has been kind enough to allow leaves for these matters, which many other bosses do not see the need/ importance.

Come 31st December 2009, I am taking leave again - this time for 6 months! Yes, I have resigned from work and want to get into doing what I like - emceeing, writing, speaking (for organ donation, IT/tech seminars and even conferences), training (as certified Napoleon Hill trainer soon).

My birthday - because is towards the end of the year, is always time for me to reflect back the whole year and plan for the next. But I have planned in November 2009 for year 2010 (very early start) so on birthday was relaxed. This year, I celebrated with a movie in the morning. I appreciate the movie opportunity after a whole year only watching that stupid Storm Warriors. This time I watched Avatar - such a good great one, breathtaking scenes, so real the emotions you hardly realised it was animation. At the end of the movie, I even asked Anas (went movie with him la...) "what was that huh? Human? Or what?" Anas said - "huh? I thought animation?"

Then it was dinner with Dad. Is a once-a-year day - that was the day I hear Happy Birthday song from Dad - never fail every morning. Somehow this year, Anas sang to me first! Dad's song came later via a phone call. Is a once-a-year day where I get to feast and it is a once-in-a-lifetime "dream" to have both my parents together with me. This year Mom was at Sibu. Else, will get her to sit together for dinner. Well, they divorced since I was 4 or 5 years old and never see eye to eye till after my liver donation. (more here: I must make sure this (dinner together) happen on my next birthday. Oh, this year we had abalone and crabs for dinner - Dad is becoming more prosperous, thank God!

THANK YOU Anas and Dad for the wonderful birthday.

Christmas - I want a gift - to fulfill all resolutions 2009 by 31/12/2009 and start 2010 afresh. I want a gift to all my family members - health, wealth, and happiness. I want all my friends to be happy, stay healthy and work hard for wealth. I want all people in the world be well and create a world where we all live in harmony.

Happy New Year - the year 2010 will be the year of hope, joy, fun, prosperity and harmony. Yes, it will be.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Joy - Napoleon Hill books as gifts!

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