Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Malaysians Dilemma

I feel like we are all in a dilemma.

At one hand we do not believe that the BN government could walk its talk, yet we have also seen flaws in the PR-governed states. Both BN and PR are finger pointing each other. The dilemma: how can my country move forward?

At one hand we say stop corruption but at times when in dire needs or organising an event, most of the time many asked an elected representative for funds - citing the myth that politicians have a lot of money. (Read my post at The dilemma: how can I reduce corruptions? Perhaps it begins with myself.

At one hand we see mainstream media reporting bias news, on the other hand we also see alternative media fool us as if we are stupid. The dilemma: when will we have clear, unbias news? Perhaps is better to use our own brains.

At one hand we always speak up when we feel things are not right but on the other, when asked to stand for election, many of these young vocalist do not dare to. The dilemma: when can we have people who keep talking, finally do something or participate in the government process to better our country?

The dilemmas affect all of us and I strongly feel that those who are vocal enough should bring it to the next level - to participate in the election process and better still stand in the election. We are the third force!

Things just happen, the rest is up to ME to make it GREAT!

Hoong Ling

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Most memorable moment of 2012

Had some unpleasant ending of 2011, well organising an event was never smooth flowing. When I want things done one way, some buggers wat things done another way.

It was an event I managed, I headed, I even sponsored the main prize, yet... Well, is okay, a learning experience.

"When you learn from mistakes, you have never failed at all"

But all good, I've never thought that ending the 2011 with lots of unpleasant moments will mean a beginning of 2012 most memorable.

Right after countdown 2012 we drew a few lucky draws.

Kwangchen, a friend who came all the way from KL to Kuantan to help us set up the settings for Kahwin4.0 - wrote his resolution: 'To win an iPad2 for my son'. We had all participants wrote their 2012 resolution.

This time Kahwin4.0 - JonathanFun had his first press conference prior to the event and gave his first talk at Kahwin4.0. Taeyong came and willingly volunteered to do Live Tweets, PostMeNow_MYSG a new found friend but very close Kahwin4.0 supporter - flew in from Singapore and start helping us as soon as he touched down.

I was at first disappointed with the lack of man power which I thought was arranged, there were people who came and gave suggestions but hands were not moving (a norm in any events), insisted things done their ways but then I have much gratitude to JonathanFun, taeyong, kwangchen and PostMeNow. All came without the need to call, all volunteered to help without the need to give instructions. All automatic volunteers!

And when we had a countdown and greeted everyone Happy New Year, we proceed with the lucky draw which an iPad2 which I so proudly and willingly sponsored. In fact Kuantan version was one most meaningful - all done without meeting - only BBM!

And when we come to the iPad2..... First draw... Announced the name, none took the prize, second name announced the person has left the party... And the third draw came and my eyes popped opened wide... The name on the resolution chit was '@kwangchen'!

My heart pounded hard, I felt so happy!

The most memorable moments...
1. I un-virgin-ised Jonathan with his first experience in giving a talk and having a press conference
2. I realised kwangchen's dream in getting an iPad2 for his son. He is a close friend despite from the opposition parties yet very supportive and always a true friend. When I did kayakforhumanity without much funds, he sponsored us whatever he could. Having an iPad2 for him is nothing a gift I would be giving him for his sincerity
3. Taeyong - never met for so long and came to support! She too, as all good people, got a prize!
4. I learnt a lot - and I believed I handled well a situation which I unwillingly do it but out of patience and wisdom, I had to do it but I'm happy now I've done this way instead of hard knocking ad bulldozing my way

As I sing songs in karaoke now with the group of friends, I really appreciate the past weeks - good and bad - what had happened.

2012 will be my year...

Things just happen, the rest is up to ME to make it GREAT!

Hoong Ling

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