Saturday, February 11, 2012

Satu Malaysia, Malaysian Malaysia, does it matter?

When I meet a Malay friend, I speak in Malay and when I see a Chinese friend I speak Cantonese, sometimes Mandarin or some broken Hokkien, Hakka, and a phrase of Hainanese "boh bat kong" (I don't know how to speak Hainanese!). Seeing an Indian friend, my tongue twists to Tamil with an immediate "yerperddi irrekerengge?" to ask "how are you?"

At times among Chinese friends, we speak Malay too! One such friend is Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye. From the very beginning of knowing this idol of mine, we speak Malay more often than English or Chinese. Up to now, I still do not know what dialiect is Tan Sri Lee.

When Chinese get together, is normal to ask if you are Hokkien, Hakka, Hainanese, Teo Chew, Foo Chow or Cantonese. Same goes to Indian and Malay friends.

It is in ME that I feel I am a Malaysian, the love for the country no matter what. It is the Malaysian in me that ticks on forms as "Lain-lain" and when asked to specify, I write "Bangsa Malaysia".

It is ME that I feel my country is my world, my country is the best and her name is Malaysia. It is ME because I BE the change I want to see in my country. People are often posted this to ponder "Ask not what the country can do for you but what you can do for the country." I took it seriously and when I put Malaysia in my heart, I do what I can to contribute to all the complaints I have in my mind.

My country is dirty? I clean my own home first.
My country has floods? I first play with flood waters, enjoy them and then help flood victims.
My country is developing lands on hill side? I first protest the action and try to see what else I can do.
My country has low number of organ donors? I first pledge organs myself and then organise more organ donation awareness campaigns.
My country has high road accident rates? I first drive carefully and ensure the safety of others on the road.
My country has high corruption rate? I first ensure I myself don't bribe or take bribes.
My country's inflation is high? Firstly I be frugal. Most often we see people overbuy things and eventually turn to waste.
My country's average income is low? I first educate myself and learn more knowledge to make more money.
My country has bad apples in it? I first be good and BE the change I want to see...

Be the change you want to see in this world ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Celebrate Valentine's Day with a GREEN RIBBON this year

I read the news this afternoon

PAS wants to stop Valentine’s Day celebration

Nasrudin said the movement was not out to punish those celebrating Valentine's Day.

“We are also not trying to assume the role of moral police. We are not enforcers.

“But, we want to help save the youngsters from falling into the Valentine's Day trap that promotes immoral activities,” he said.

I wrote to the papers expressing my humble opinion. Delinquents may not need a specific day to indulge in immoral activities but we Asians, who normally are shy to express love, may need a day to dig out the courage to say "I Love You" to spouses, parents, family members and friends. Therefore, why not on a Valentine's Day? So, what is so wrong about celebrating a day to promote love? Why must there be war over such a matter of celebration and also connecting the day with Christianity?

Let's get this a level higher, let us bring Valentine's Day a day of loving one another - regardless of family members or enemies. I know it is difficult but I'd call for all to pledge your organs on Valentine's Day. Let us all wear a green ribbon - which represents organ donation - during Valentine's Day.