Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Celebrate Valentine's Day with a GREEN RIBBON this year

I read the news this afternoon

PAS wants to stop Valentine’s Day celebration

Nasrudin said the movement was not out to punish those celebrating Valentine's Day.

“We are also not trying to assume the role of moral police. We are not enforcers.

“But, we want to help save the youngsters from falling into the Valentine's Day trap that promotes immoral activities,” he said.

I wrote to the papers expressing my humble opinion. Delinquents may not need a specific day to indulge in immoral activities but we Asians, who normally are shy to express love, may need a day to dig out the courage to say "I Love You" to spouses, parents, family members and friends. Therefore, why not on a Valentine's Day? So, what is so wrong about celebrating a day to promote love? Why must there be war over such a matter of celebration and also connecting the day with Christianity?

Let's get this a level higher, let us bring Valentine's Day a day of loving one another - regardless of family members or enemies. I know it is difficult but I'd call for all to pledge your organs on Valentine's Day. Let us all wear a green ribbon - which represents organ donation - during Valentine's Day.

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