Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Welcome to the NEW YEAR 2009!!

As my company XeerSoft is busy with new year resolution, I would like to made mine, too. Seems like the business of making resolution does not come to my mind very often these years.

Listening to Emil Chow's song, the lyrics went like 忙忙忙 忙忙忙 忙是為了自己的理想 還是為了不讓別人失望
(Busy busy busy, busy busy busy, busy is for own ambition or was it to not let people down)

Thinking back, no doubt I have really done a lot of great things. Reflecting why I do it - it was really for someone special. I still remember my aunt (who brought me up) crying to say that we have no achievements in our family. I held on to her words and continued on to do great things to have achievements so she can be proud of the family. I DID IT!

Now is the time for me to stop and reflect. Year 2009 will be the year for me to reflect, relax and rejuvenate.

For the start, I have resigned from almost all NGOs I have joined - CyberCare (my beloved organization which I learnt so much from), Rukun Tetangga Pandan Jaya and Rukun Tetangga Pandan Perdana (a NGO I started and one I am related to), St. John Ambulance Malaysia (will stop once the book is done) and the Dallas Villas Management Corporation (toppled some corrupt guys and elected committee, but I resigned).

I still have Persatuan Pemuda Negara being very passive now and my part time job with YB Dato' Sri Ong Tee Keat, apart from my full time job in XeerSoft.

I have wanted to serve the community very much since young. The taste of serving especially with wit and shrewdness in management plus getting people much older than you to nod at your directions, respect your ways of working and cooperate with you, was really a pleasure. Much more to it, I have done things great to the community, I have helped lives.

Reflections of all these will come later in the blog as I start to think of things.

To resign from all the organizations is not an easy task. It was the decision I made to donate part of my liver to a friend that made me have the courage to stop all NGOs. In fact, I was awaken by a guy who advised me the brotherly way. I am glad to know "Well, the world will not die without me!" Sometimes, doing so much things for others, although I enjoyed it very much, it made me lack of time for myself.

This year it will definitely be a total change and I welcome the year 2009 for MYSELF. Although it sounds selfish, but believe it or not, I need to recollect bits and pieces of myself.

Year 2009!

Friday, December 26, 2008

The Mercedes Benz - a major decision of my life

Geting truly excited these few days - exciting sales coming in my company, excitement of new modules, great new capabilities of XeerSoft solution and Merry Christmas plus Happy Birthday, of course!

As well as there were excitements, my mind is also clouding with fears over the coming surgery. An operation which is a major decision of my life!

Well... I have decided to donate part of my liver to a father's friend. At first, I saw an email, and then I sms the sender to ask if they still need blood. Overlooking the email, I thought O+ blood was needed. The reply came "Still needed but not blood. Is liver". I gasped. But my immediate response was - why not?

So, there I went to send a reply "I can still help" Little did I know that the world is so small, this was the girl which my dad mentioned the other day. 13-year old girl staying in Connaught, having liver cancer, now under chemo and needing a liver for transplant.

Wow... where do I start to tell stories of this journey to the Mercedes Benz? Since I do not know where to start, so let's end first. Hahaha... keep the story for suspense later! And why Mercedes Benz, you will know!

Too late now, gotta sleep...