Sunday, July 27, 2008

My mind is Messed Up - I am Great Woman of Our Time!

Today suddenly just feel like blogging.... Not sure why my mind is so messed up these days. Feels like the feelings inside is very unstable. I should be happy but why am I not?

Yesterday I bought the August issue of the Malaysian Women's Weekly magazine. I was nominated as the Great Women of Our Time for the category of Education and Public Service. They got my name spelt wrongly - Chew Hoong Lin (less one "g" after the "Lin") and they got my age younger by 2 years (I am 28 and the age there was 26).

However, it was excited to know that I am the youngest among all the nominees. I am 28 and the youngest after me is 31 years old. I have anticipated this. Many have asked.... so to clarify, I am NOT married yet so the nomination also came to my surprise! Is for great women...

I have sms-ed to my friends to vote for me. Yes, please vote for me by sms to 32733:
MWW{space}GWOT{space}IC Number{space}NAME{space}07

I am numbered as number 07. So, to vote just type the above message and send to 32733.

The Malaysian Women's Weekly is also offering a pearl necklace worth RM5,000 for grab for one lucky voter. The lucky voter will also get 2 invitations to the Great Women of Our Time gala dinner on the 15th August, 2008 in The Westin Hotel.

Voting closes on the 12th August and each sms costs RM1.00. Good luck for me and good luck for voters to grab the necklace and invitations to be with Great Women there!