Thursday, March 16, 2006

ASTRO Bersama Anita

Sitting beside Anita Sarawak is an honour. What more to be interviewed by this elegant and charming lady! Anita Sarawak is one of the most beautiful ladies I have ever met. Being at this age, still keeping in shape is difficult.

This time I was invited as one of the panel speakers on the topic of organ donation. Being an organ donation activist (a title I start to call myself from today onwards), this is truly an honour. I am not attached to any organisation or clubs focusing on organ donation. In fact, I can find no organisations in Malaysia dedicating to organ donation.

However, as an individual active in various youth activities and being members in many organisations allow me to get involved and start promoting this noble act of donating organs after death. My enthusiasm in organ donation starts when I first read about it and pledged as early as when I was 13. Moved by a story of a young pledger and articles written by monks about the joy of giving, being a Buddhist, that messages push me to sign to pledge my organs.

I have organised various organ donation campaigns and worked closely with the National Transplant Resource Centre. Coming a long way in giving suggestions to improve organ donation rates in Malaysia through my few articles published in news, I feel that Malaysia has grown much in creating awareness regarding this issue.

While blood donation may take about a decade for people to accept the fact that blood donation is a norm and could help save lives, I hope that organ donation will take a shorter time in this technology advanced age.

More can still be done in organ and blood donation. As an individual, I call upon all interested people in this area to help me in the quest of promoting organ donation. Please find my contact details in this website and contact me for further actions in promoting organ donation.

BERSAMA ANITA - ASTRO RIA 7th may 2006 1pm - watch out for Hoong Ling on air!