Thursday, October 18, 2007

My best half an hour of my life

Last week I visited the Buddhist temple in Jalan Pudu. While I visit the temple often and normally join in the chanting session in the evening, I never meditated there. The praying hall is normally visited my many people so it is not convenient to meditate there.

That day while I was there, and while waiting for the monks to start the daily evening chanting, I decided to sit in half lotus position and started meditating.

It was a long time since I meditated, say about a year ago was my last meditation session. So I least expect anything great to happen or to experience something extraordinary.

Little did I expect this time when I meditated, it was the greatest half an hour of my life. It was totally serene, tranquil and I was fully at peace. Even the chanting started afterwards, I did not stop meditating and continued in deep meditation.

I could not describe how the half an hour session feels like but great experience only comes when you least expected it......