Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Meditation Retreat in Cempaka Buddhist Lodge

I had the experience of having a meditation retreat in Cempaka Buddhist Lodge last month. Bhante Kovida was teaching us meditation and it last for 8 days. It wasn't really fun - as meditation is never fun. In fact some complained that meditation is suffering - having to sit long hours, straight back and folded legs for long time - is tiring and exhausting.

However, as it goes the way it is, meditation was never meant for physical health anyway. It is meant to "exercise" the mind. While physical exercise will need "something" to be done, meditation is to exercise the mind by giving it some rest, think of nothing and letting go of everything.

Full 8 days, I was in Cempaka Buddhist Lodge in Petaling Jaya. Having the meditation retreat made me feel "upgraded". When we upgrade a computer, it normally means an increase in memory or storage. Upgrading myself means gaining insight spiritually and renewed self from the inside out. Not too much of the upgrades outside - like better dressed and increase in outer beauty. What's more important is the inner wisdom and spiritual health.

The 8-day experience exceed what I gain from 27 years of life. I would say it gives me increase patience, better visibility, improved alertness and better memory.