Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Millionaire Mind Intensive

3-full days 9am to 11pm.... who will be the nuts to attend such seminar!?
Chew Hoong Ling lor.... It wasn't expected that the seminar could last so long for a day. No wonder it is named Millionaire Mind INTENSIVE! Anyway, I was all excited and the seminar turned out to be one of the best seminars I have ever been.

T. Harv Eker came all the way to Malaysia to share on how to change your mindset and having a total paradigm shift - to think like a MILIONAIRE! 4,800 people were there and the crowd was superb!

The seminar does not only teach about money and how simple it is to change the state of your financial. Speaking about money, one can hardly forget the simple to follow rule.... prepare 6 jars! Put 10% of your income to Financial Freedom Account (FFA) jar, 10% to the Play jar, 10% to Long Term Savings jar, 55% for your Neccesity jar, 5% to the Give jar and 10% to the Education jar.

Most importantly in the seminar, Harv teaches how to change our mindset to think like a millionaire. One of my faves - THINK BOTH - Poor people think either/or... "I can be happy or rich" is a tagline but rich people think BOTH "I can be both happy and rich".

We do not only learn the theory but Harv made us take the inside out - pouring over all anger, hatred, sadness and emotions planted in our lives and start anew. Because whatever the fruits we have now is the results of the ROOTS. Therefore, we were taught to have love, care, blessings and thinking that we deserve to be rich and then our fruits in the future will totally be changed.

We even did great stunts in the Millionaire Mind Intensive. We were taught how to counter our fears and break it, right there in the seminar.

Interested to know more? Attend it yourself at Millionaire Mind Intensive.

National Achievers Congress 2008

It has been a long time since attending meaningful trainings to enrich my life. My last known mentor of life is The Secret DVD. I have watched almost 100 times of the movie, replaying it again and again till it became part of my flesh.

I was applying The Secret when I came across "National Achievers Congress". It was an annual congress where great speakers from around the world are invited to speak on money making. I always wanted to go to one of the congresses and every single year the National Achievers Congress (NAC) appears right in my face.

This time, instead of saying "Oh.... I can't afford to go..", I switched to say "I must go... HOW should I go?" And after a few days of viewing NAC 2008 website all of a sudden I saw the official Chinese magazine, MONEY COMPASS. I gave a call to my friend and managed to get a free tickie.... So..... switching from NO to HOW is definitely a life changing process for me.

A picture with Roger Hamilton

Look at the number of people in the NAC 2008!
I went for the number one reason to meet the Number One Saleman of the World, Joe Girard. It was recorded in the Guiness Book of Records and no one has ever broke his record yet.
I have learnt so much from his tape "How to Sell Anything to Anyone" and when I saw the NAC 2008, the immediate response was "I MUST meet Joe."
And there he is.... climbing the stairs of success! I was so afraid that he would fall down. As he gave his energetic presentation, I remembered telling myself, I will be number one in anything I do!