Saturday, June 13, 2009

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

It has been a long long time not seeing any rainbow! Or maybe it was because I focused too much on the book that I am writing that I see rainbow now. The book was supposed to be named "Inspiring Soul of a Rainbow" as my name Hoong means rainbow and Ling sounds like soul in Mandarin. A friend suggested that title.

This week is very colourful, so I start this blog with a photo of a rainbow I saw while having slow jog at the lake nearby my house about 10 days ago. Yes yes yes, I can jog now but slowly and also training for the coming KL International Marathon. I am taking the 5km fun run. Too bad, all other colleagues taking 10km walk and I will be left alone. Need a bodyguard to take care of my "Mercedes".

Speaking about organ donor being depressed due to pain - although I felt it last month - I do not want it to stop me from doing things I want. I think depression is only a state of mind.

Flip opened this month's (June 2009) Money Compass magazine which I bought just now. My news was at the section where they interview celebrities on views regarding wealth. Ahem, celebrity... and wealth.

I can't read Chinese so much so I wouldn't be able to translate until someone can help me with it in office next week.

My companion is back! The Nikon D50 was left with the St. John Ambulance to assist in photo taking for our upcoming centenary book. I was a part of the project before the liver donation operation and after operation, seems like things are in good hands. Not sure if I am still part of the project as almost everything is now "done". Eagerly, awaiting the launch of the book!

Adding another collection to my wardrobe, a new Punjabi suit.

These two days, I am attending the Millionaire Mind Intensive - second time attending. I blogged about it here last year. I found that my money blueprint has now changed as compared to last year. This year I find myself wanting total success - not only in wealth, but also in health and relationships - both family and friends.

Life is like a rainbow and it should be colourful! Life is meant to be abundant in every areas of life mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Live life to the fullest and find your own rainbow!

My life is just somewhere over the rainbow....

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