Friday, June 12, 2009

My not-so productive week

This week my calendar looks like this. All orange coloured are appointments, tasks, events and seminars. I just came back from Ipoh and this week supposed to attend Millionaire Mind Intensive (MMI) from Friday to Sunday 9am-11pm daily. However, work is important and my fellow business friends in Ipoh have been expecting this semi-celebrity (me, ahem!) to share about my company's products.

Last two weeks, having a powerful presentation to the public in the Public Business Finance Expo in KLCC, I repeated the topic, "How IT Can Be a Profitable Investment for Your Business?" and presented again today but in Cantonese. I presented to a group of entreprenuers, many of whom are Persatuan Usahawan Maju Malaysia (PUMM) members. A few are also friends whom I made during my last impressive (as decribed by participants) emceeing session for their BOSS Academy Roadshow where the Menteri Besar of Perak graced. And if anyone is wondering, it was Dato' Sri Zambry.

This week, I finally sat down to scan 7 boxes of name cards, exporting them to excel and getting my colleague to upload to our XeerSoft CRM system. My sales follow up cards are now too many to handle that I want to go paperless. I left all other things undone including the 280+ unread email conversations, 30 action tasks, 22 next action, 15 waiting on (We are utilising Get Things Done GTDInbox if you wonder what those mean). I also left sales reports, sales templates, welcome email (Chua helped me drafted), sales updates, SELF internal tasks, and even my HEALTH CHECKS (second follow up blood test and ultrasound after liver donation).

XeerSoft CRM, developed last year (if I remembered correctly), was one of XeerSoft very powerful module. It was meant for our clients who will consolidate their customers' data and generate reports. It wasn't meant for sales follow up but I found the workaround!

The system could do email settings to send newsletters and circulars to customers, launch campaigns like birthday campaigns, schedule emails, helpdesk call centre records (which I now use as sales calls history records), voucher management with sofisticated voucher security settings, customers details records (whatever fields you want, flexible enough to cater and configured to your needs), customer listings and even allowed to provide points or redemption function.

Yea I know the pictures are not clear because I saved as png and I do not intend to do sales via my blog. If you need, then just call me for an appointment and I will demo the system to you.

Oh yes, it is also web-based meaning I can access the system wherever I have Internet access - that is basically almost EVERYWHERE because I now subscribe to unlimited data service on my PDA. Instead of having sales cards in office where I can only update in office, I can now do my work everywhere I am.

I am still in office as I blog. Since tomorrow and Sunday I will be "charging battery" in MMI 9am onwards to late night, I want to at least clear all emails and some action items pending from weeks ago. We are relaxing - not that I worked too hard till I stay late... in fact, we are also drinking - to celebrate a new client who has paid deposit and another satisfied client where we start to receive consistent monthly payments.

If you are wondering, I correctly used "we" because two other colleagues are here with me! And if you wondered, too, yes, I already start drinking last week.

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