Friday, December 26, 2008

The Mercedes Benz - a major decision of my life

Geting truly excited these few days - exciting sales coming in my company, excitement of new modules, great new capabilities of XeerSoft solution and Merry Christmas plus Happy Birthday, of course!

As well as there were excitements, my mind is also clouding with fears over the coming surgery. An operation which is a major decision of my life!

Well... I have decided to donate part of my liver to a father's friend. At first, I saw an email, and then I sms the sender to ask if they still need blood. Overlooking the email, I thought O+ blood was needed. The reply came "Still needed but not blood. Is liver". I gasped. But my immediate response was - why not?

So, there I went to send a reply "I can still help" Little did I know that the world is so small, this was the girl which my dad mentioned the other day. 13-year old girl staying in Connaught, having liver cancer, now under chemo and needing a liver for transplant.

Wow... where do I start to tell stories of this journey to the Mercedes Benz? Since I do not know where to start, so let's end first. Hahaha... keep the story for suspense later! And why Mercedes Benz, you will know!

Too late now, gotta sleep...

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