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How to vote during elections

I read Anas' blog with interest, not because he has my name in it but because it provoke thoughts and encourage people to think how to vote.

His blog post here

For me I'd vote for individuals who could do good for the country regardless of parties.

Some criteria I'm looking at are:

1. DO something
I'd look for past track records of a candidate and see if he or she has done a noble cause or at least a project to benefit the community. Doing a project does not mean just funding it or attending as a Guest of Honor. Personally manage a project from the beginning till it produces results and benefit the people. Because we have too many politicians who can talk and talk and talk but just CANNOT DO things. Therefore first thing first - someone who have done something. I don't care if the project failed as long as he has tried. If the project failed, better still! And he must learn from the mistakes.

2. Consistency in his beliefs
I always believe politicians who fight for a cause consistently is better than those who speak of an issue just to seek popularity. It is perfectly OK that he changes his stand upon learning some new facts or adapt his stand to current situations but he must fight it consistently.

3. Socially advocate, commercially sustainability
I'm a strong believer of social enterprise, social businesses and corporate for social good. I don't think any social organisation can survive at this situation without having sustainability factor. Thus, my candidate cannot keep fighting for social good but never think of commercial values or sustainability of it. I've seen so many politicians going against commercially viable companies or detest to businesses. To them businesses are for greedy corrupt people but to me, it sustain the economy, give jobs and if it is a social business it gives social impact.

4. Very universal and accepted by all races and communities
He or she must believe in the 1Malaysia spirit, Malaysian Malaysia or whatever you call it. Someone who the Malays feel comfortable with, the Chinese feel represented, the Indians feel secured with him.

5. Down to earth and truly approachable
During elections, we see candidates go house to house to campaign. Between elections, we don't see the representative visits our houses anymore. That again is not consistency. Worse still there are politicians who never ever show up or do anything after winning elections. I want a MP who is there when we have voice to bring to the Parliament and help make the constituency a better place. Even when not invited he'd say he'll support an event or program

6. NOT giving goodies as approach for charities etc
I saw so much money being spent during elections and people too take advantage of elections to make money. I strongly oppose to this culture. THINK - if politicians give money, where will the money come from? They will need to seek projects, dwell into corruptions just to please people with money. If you are happy with receiving money from your MP then don't talk about eradicating corruptions. If you talk about eradicating corruption, stop asking MPs for money which is out of their budget. If the candidate continue giving money to the public and out of his budget, I do not think he can stay uncorrupted, so I will not vote for him. He should provide innovative solutions for sustainability and not continuously funding his constituents.

This may be a simple criteria but I've also seen representatives of the rakyat who do not read to expand their knowledge.

Perhaps more people can come up with your own criteria list for a candidate or how to vote during election, will encourage more people to rationally choose a representative rather than voting emotionally.

I'd think people who fit my criteria perhaps are:
1. Marina Mahathir
2. Chandra Muzaffar
3. Anas Zubedy
4. Syed Akbar Ali
5. Zainah Anwar, Sisters in Islam

Ok lahhh I know you want young people
1. Lim Chee Wee, Bar Council
2. Edmund Bon, LoyarBurok
3. Syahredzan, MyConsti
4. Saifuddin Abdullah, Deputy Minister of Higher Education
5. Wee Ka Siong, Deputy Minister of Education

More women candidates preferably:
6. Nicole Wong, Beliawanis MCA
7. Kat Wong, INSAP Deputy Director
8. Fui K. Soong, CEO os CENSE
9. Ellynita Lamin, cancer survivor and social entrepreneur
10. Ng Yeen Seen, policy analyst

Prefer to have 'OKU' as well
11. Zhariff Afandi, social entrepreneur
12. Anthony Thanasayan, activist for the disabled and The Star columnist
13. Sia Siew Chin, Beautiful Gate

Things just happen, the rest is up to ME to make it GREAT!

Hoong Ling

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  1. I'd like to add a few.more names:
    1. Jonathan Fun, young and only 28 but very passionate with what he's doing
    2. Alvin Teoh Kong Seng, PR supporter but really someone who can do things
    3. Gordon Lim Chee Keong, an entrepreneur who dare to try new things in life