Friday, December 2, 2011

Tokleh Tehe: Role of a Social Media Strategist

Is there even such a title? Social Media Strategist?
And perhaps expenses spent by Ministry of Tourism for social media has open the eyes of many Malaysians.
Yes, I believe a social media strategist should be paid and should be highly paid. I do not want to defend the ministry involved but if that much of money spent and effectiveness of the strategies evaluated, I think it should bring more wealth in tourism dollars to the country.
Enough said, this blogpost is on social media strategist. Many Malaysians limit their knowledge of social media to only Facebook and Twitter, yet there are hundreds of applications out there which are so called social media.
Just like branding is so important for a company (and no one would blame you for paying huge sum for branding because people know its importance), social media weighs heavier than brand alone.
A social media strategist or consultant will act as brand consultant, marketing communication, corporate communication, public management, sample management, even event manager at the same time.
He is responsible for generating content, updates and consistent engagement with his client's followers on social media. A minimum of three updates per day on Facebook, a whooping 20 tweets per day as a rough target.

He will create content, updates and statuses fun with hypermedia. And if you think is easy work, try think of 1000 new updates for a certain brand - that's enough to squeeze the juice out of your brains.
He also monitors comments, retweets, mentions and if there are complaints by followers at large. He will need to rectify errors, apologise on behalf, provide explanation - exactly what a corporate communication department should do.

More over, his tasks, just like a salesman, has number of followers to increase. He also guards the standardisation, language, professionalism and reflects the company as a whole.

He is also a marketing researcher, having the needs to understand geographical, demographic and interests of client's followers. He may also well be a programmer, to program landing pages, database collection and codes applications like games or contest pages to attract and engage with followers.

All in all, in Chinese we call them a One Leg Kick.

I can have my nephew sit in front of the laptop, make him admin for my Facebook Like page but God knows how many UNfollowers I will have in the next hour.

And to have the politicians criticise that the amount paid is too huge, it is an insult to a social media strategist whose works include all the above.

Things just happen, the rest is up to ME to make it GREAT!

Hoong Ling

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