Monday, August 31, 2009

This made me cry and cry and cry....

The last time I cried was when An Qi's (recipient of part of my liver) parents said thank you. It was so touching and I could not hold the tears. Not that I can hold tears very well anyway and crying is always easy for me - tears can be free-flow, non-stop and generously pouring! Well, don't see me as such a strong lady but I really can cry easily! One thing many people do not know - I can be very pampered (manja), too (hehe).

Please read this (click the link). It is well worth the tears and swollen eyes.

I am super blessed to have known this guy. Yes, it has been non-stop describing him, talking about him, referring to him in my recent blogs but I just can't count how much respect and admiration I have for him.

I will write my reflections on "money issues" later in my blog. A recent conversation with my friends also reveal that while I am progressing far better than most, I am still behind time. I will share when my emotions get more stable after tears and swollen eyes.

PS: But why he shops at Guardian? I need to ask him later, hmm...

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