Saturday, August 29, 2009

Music of the Hearts

I actually didn't know how to participate in the Let's Read the Quran campaign as I was not the best reader plus I did not finish reading the Quran. Well I don't read the Dhammapada either. However, the recent march of these 50 barbarians to protest the relocation of a Hindu temple in Shah Alam was one of the greatest disgrace to Islam. It spurs me to understand further about Islam and what the Quran has to say about it.

I still remember when we were in school. We were segregated during the Agama (religion) class where Muslims will study differently with the non-Muslims. I still lingered to the thought of "why can't we study religions together?" For one, I would like to understand more about Islam and the Muslims may want to understand us better. Secondly, Buddhism wasn't taught in school so I also want to know more about my religion.

I later found out that somehow, when your hearts are open, it will open your mind. And when all senses are opened you will find music to your hearts. We always hear the azan on television and normal reactions for the non-Muslim was to just change channel or off the TV. When I was at my Malay neighbour home, I did that, too! Then I was "educated" by them that the azan is noble music to the ears.

It was then that I learnt to respect another religion. Studying Buddhism later, it also encourages me to learn, respect and understand other religions better. For me, each time I hear the azan now, I feel peace. The drums at the Hindu temple was the happiest tune I've ever heard (and I just love the head shaking), reciting the sutras in Buddhist temple was very pleasing and listening to the marvelous voice of church choir has never been better.

Somehow I find it rather difficult to understand why human race cannot come as one. Why must someone always think they are more superior than the other where we were all born the same?

PS: I am lost in finding the correct phrases in Quran to represent what I want to say so let Anas does this. Click here for his comments.

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