Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My LaunchPad - Emceeing

Becoming an emcee was never my dream nor has it became something of obsession. I was TV Presenter for Selamat Pagi Malaysia some time ago and naturally, friends asked that I emcee for events which requires someone who speaks fluent Malay.

I find I have this talent in me naturally - to speak with confidence, to emcee an event as well as to know what to say when things go wrong. Way back when in school, being actively involved in St. John Ambulance, I was often asked to be the emcee. I even emceed during an annual parade where the DYAM Raja DiHilir Perak was gracing. It was the first time I emceed in a function with royal attendance and I enjoyed it. The main guy at the Information Ministry commended that I should take emceeing as a career because I've got the "VOICE" and "bass" was strong, and I could flow the words as it flows.

I did not take him seriously. I should have.....

Now, being an emcee for so many events, I have done emceeing only in Malay. However, I took the bold step and challenge when a friend asked that I emcee for an event the next morning. The time was 12.15am and I will need to emcee in English at 8.30am.

It was the FIRST time emceeing in English and first event after the liver donation. As much as I would like to take care of my health and sleep early, I also took the challenge to research and prepared script for the morning.

I did my best and surprisingly find myself a new-found ability. Hey, I can emcee in English! Why not? I did not try earlier and yet when the first opportunity came, I never hesitated my skills. It was partly due to my generosity in helping a friend who needed help at the very last minute. I did well so much so that I got enough praises that let my confidence flies.

And then I did another event with a mix of both Malay and English.

TODAY, I did it again! I made it a point to emcee fully in English and I successfully did an impressive job. How do I know it was impressive? By the number of cards that come naturally without asking for it! I cannot stand it if my audience is boring or sleepy. No one will ever sleeps when I emcee and I made this my objective every single time. This time, a business function so solemn - but I made them all warmed up and by the time they dash out the hall for refreshment, they'd have remembered my name because as they CHEW their food, they'll remember Chew, the emcee.

Next, let me pick up Chinese and one day, I will emcee in Chinese, too! And be warned - my script includes phrases of Tamil, too. You can't help it when you are bangsa Malaysia.

Tomorrow, I will be emceeing for the Women Entrepreneur Conference organized by the Gorgeous Geeks whom its president I met at the Great Women of Our Time award 2008 gala dinner.

Someone asked of my fees, expecting it to be very high and came to be surprise of the fees I charged. Ask me for a figure if you would like to know. :)

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