Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mission: Life Saving; Update: Visitors

During my journey to the mission of life saving, it was really touching knowing that I have so many supporters for the mission.

I remembered that when I signed the organ donation pledge form, it came to my mind that I would also donate organ if someone needs it when I am alive. Therefore, the decision to donate liver to An Qi was an easy one.

However, when I made the decision, a lot of mixed reactions arised. When almost 80% urged me not to do it, I took the courage to consult a friend regarding my feelings and how I am in doubt of whether to donate my liver or not. After some advise, my decision was firmed and even though I had a lot of challenges, the decision was made and firmed.

Lesson learnt: Make the decision, follow it firmly and never look back.

During the journey, there were so many family members who supported and came to take care of me. My friends, too. My second aunt who was working in Singapore came everyday to see me until she left Singapore to Malaysia for Chinese New Year preparations.

My aunt and mom also planned their trip to Singapore. My Dad, too, of course! My friends in Singapore and family members also gave support although I still felt there were some rejections to the idea.

First day in the ICU, someone sent in flowers and fruits. Although they cannot bring it in the ICU room but they showed it to me through the window. And the delivery order came - it was Mr Tan Kok Poh who sent the flowers. He was one of my best supporter although I knew him for only less than 2 weeks.

Then after I discharged from ICU and transferred to general ward, I have Abraham suddenly came in to my room with sunflowers.

Lesson learnt: Flowers are important to bed-ridden patients - when you can't move, flowers are only things you can see and it got cheerful with it especially with colours and knowing someone cares.

Although my Dad and Mom divorced more than 20 years ago, this was the FIRST TIME ever I saw both of them together. After that when I travelled to Ipoh on the second day of Chinese New Year, I forced them to sit and dine together. Then I took the opportunity to take this picture!
My second aunt and uncle came with a hamper of bird's nest.

Then after a while, someone in black who looks like one of the male nurses came in through the door. The patient next to me in my room has been discharged so everyone who walks through the door was definitely my visitor. Then I noticed a pair of sunglasses on his head so this definitely is not a nurse. Then, another familiar face entered and followed by the third person, I figured out.... hey XeerSoft staffs! YinRu, Elaine, Allen, G and Daryl came to visit and it was a pleasant surprise. They drove all the way from KL starting their journey at 2.00am!

The booster: a surprise visit and a XeerSoft card full of signatures!

One day I was tired and fast asleep. When I woke up, I saw a note next to my handphone. I quickly raised my bed and reached for the paper. The note says "Chew, we were here but you were asleep. Call us when you wake up - we will be right at the lobby. Iewi 2.00pm" - a glance at the clock - 2.10pm - that was 10 minutes ago so I called Iewi. Iewi and Michael - both my very good buddies and supporters came to see me.

Danny came to join Iewi and Michael but then nurses came in to sponge me and I was tired - it was time to sleep. So they left.

The next day, Danny and Rudi came. I was getting better so when they came with lots of jokes and laughters, I could take it although it was a little stretching on my mercedes scar when I laughed.

Throughout the 7 days in hospital, I have endless sms-es, calls and of course visits from An Qi's family members - father, Mr Lee - mother - aunt, Sharon and Alicia - all came to me. When both An Qi and I were fit to walk, An Qi came to my room very often, too!

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