Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mission: Life Saving, Update: More Visitors! and MHI interview on TV3

I am privileged and honoured to have visitors and more visitors when I am back to "tanah air"!

I travelled to Teluk Intan right after I touch down. The next day, Ling Hooi, Pei Ting and Shu Ying came to visit. The next day all friends of my batch came - I had Ai Chuen, Wai Kheng, Karen, Jenny and bf, Suet Sze, Wai Theng, Hoon Koon, Nusrat (Dr.) and Shiao Chin came. It was the first time my house was filled with visitors. Every year, I visited their homes and collected angpaus but this is the first time they came.

I sms-ed Shiao Chin that I was back to TI, she immediately replied she will bring the whole kampung to my house. And yes, she did! Since we have Dr. Nusrat in the "kampung"of friends, she became the advisor and consultant - everyone asked her questions regarding my operations.

On the second day of CNY, I went to Ipoh. In the morning at 7.00am, I woke up to prepare as the producer for Malaysia Hari Ini (TV3) will call me at 7.30am for a live interview on the show. At 7.20am, the call came and we have almost 10 minutes chat live on TV. I appreciate the chance to promote organ donation and the joy of giving.

The next day, my colleagues Elaine, Voon Pin and Allen came. Sharon and Alicia - An Qi's aunts also came. Then my aunt who stay in Ipoh also came with my both cousins and my cousin's gf.

At night, my 2 grandaunts and a granduncle came to see me, too. Then, when Ying Ching travelled back to Penang from Teluk Intan, her husband and her took the trouble to drop by and visited me.

Then the day after I also had Mr Kok, one of Dato' Sri Ong Tee Keat's secretary came to visit as he stays near Gopeng. In the morning, Amy - publisher for Money Compass business magazine so happened to be in Ipoh and came for visit, too!

I just got a call from Alicia - An Qi's aunt. She said her father insisted to visit me and so they will need to fetch him here. So tomorrow I will have visitors, too.

THANK YOU and my appreciation is to all supporters and all visitors. My house now has Essence of Chicken, Essence of Ikan Haruan, Bird's Nests in Rock Sugar, Cordyceps Soup in bottle, 2 big hampers.

THANK YOU but if anyone reading this blog and planning a visit - come in BODY, no presents/gifts required. I appreciate enough visits and all your support.

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