Thursday, January 1, 2009

反正不会死 but this time I may die...

Never Try, Never Know
I saw my friend's (Axiao's) blog and strike on to me was her motto in life "Never Try, Never Know". Came to think about it, I spent my life with the motto "反正不会死" (As long as you will never die).

Means I will do whatever and try new things if it will never bring death. I tried new businesses, direct sales and learnt a lot of things. In fact a lot of things beyond elaboration here. I must admit I may not be the FIRST to do it nor will I be daring enough to try new things. I always have my fears and very often, I need examples of people showing it or demonstrate it before I do it.

Say, for example, I was at a seminar doing arrow breaking with our necks. At first I wanted to be the first to try but our group leader said he will go first so I let it. Then I tried to be the second, but as I positioned myself and I was all ready to break it - I stopped and asked that someone else do it first. The reason was simple: I have not seen a lady doing that YET. Once a lady tried and I seen it with my own eyes only did I dare to do it and of course, I DID IT!

That act of breaking arrow may have the risks of death but I did it anyway. The session actually enlightened myself to know myself better. In short, I need examples but being a fast learner, once you teach a dog to sit, the dog sits quietly. That's HoongLing!

A Giant Leap Forward
This time I am a huge, giant step ahead from "Never Try, Never Know". I am far ahead of 反正不会死! I am risking my live to donate part of my liver to a friend. This will be a major operation to remove my right lobe of the liver (about 60%) to Lee An Qi, a family friend who is now having cancer. Only 13-years old and already under chemotheraphy is really something very dreading.

Although my motto was to try things 反正不会死, but this time is a major operation which the risk of death will be 0.5%, risk of infections 15% and no one knows the long-term future for a living donor yet because the technology for living liver donation is pretty less than 2 decades now. Yet, something in me has the urge to JUST DO IT!

At first, I was in a complicated relationship which forced me to do something out of my mind. Then, doubts started to pour in and I wanted to review the decision. However, it wasn't much of a crossroad at all. I made up my mind pretty soon and really stick by it to JUST DO IT! Now, when people ask me "Why are you doing this?" I simply answer, "Why not?"

I thought this is just a normal act of kindness and never thought this is such a great thing to do until everyone whom I have spoken to said that this is a great sacrifice. Ain't human's life is to help each other? I really do not know but really, is this act so great?

I have been through thorough tests to ensure I am fit enough to donate my liver. The tests include blood test, urine test, abdominal ultrasound, ECG, CT Scan, X-Ray and 24-hour urine collection! Operation will be done in Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore.

Singapore - Gleneagles Hospital looks really much like a 5-star hotel so rest assure that once I wake up I will have time to relax and rejuvenate.


  1. chinese saying, "豹死留皮,人死留名"

    死 also not scared, you have done such a great thing, up there will give u certificate for your good deeds..

    i do not need to wish you, its deeply in our heart, you carry the best in you....

  2. err, not sure if i convey my msg correctly, sounds not too right, anyway, i think the best description is....
    you have no limit, nothing to scared....天不怕地不怕!!!