Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bersih or not? And why?

The first time a rally was done, the government has to open their eyes and ears to see and listen to various quarters and appeals by the public. It was not done for a long time and the people feel that their voices were unheard. A lot of things were happening within the government where the rakyat felt a need to save the country. And therefore, a rally.

Though the intention was good and a lot of people felt that the government finally listens to some grouses, the rally brought huge damage to Kuala Lumpur town. Almost everywhere in Kuala Lumpur were jammed in traffic, roads were closed or blocked, people wasted much time in the car, and business owners losing money due to business coming to a standstill. Worse thing got worse, the poor who depend on daily wage got nothing and they were foreign workers or poor daily wage earner who depend on their daily piecemeal for living.

Impact done - people understood it, got the message but never expected such disturbance to the public. In a sense the public agree to the rally but when it comes to disturbing their lives as well as their money for living, then the people start to think otherwise. Yet, deep inside many people, they feel the need for the rally and it was done.

Now, Bersih is thinking of a second rally. This time for a fair and clean election. Negotiations done with the Election Commissions and not much were achieved accordingly. Therefore bringing it to the streets is the best, some think. I have met three groups of people.

First the goreng nasi group. This group comprises of those who worked for it, making the dishes and even goreng the nasi to get the outcomes. They want it their way and only their way is the only and only way to have a fair and clean election. When the head says we go to the streets, they will bring their nasi, their kuali and sudip to the streets. When the head says OK we now go to the stadium, they will follow. When someone oppose to the idea of having a rally, they see these people as opposition and should not talk to them. They will only do one thing - goreng nasi - do the rally at whatever cost or whenever called by the head. They think if they go down the streets, they are the fighter, the sacrificial lamb and they have did something in history for the country. The more Bersih badges they have, the more they shout about bersih and the more yellow they have, the better.

Second is the makan nasi group. Whatever it is just take it. Yeah fair and clean election is needed, but a rally will actually bring fair and clean election? Makan nasi je la... These people will be more practical in a sense. Some said that whether or not there is a rally, the election will still be unfair and politics is already dirty so why rally? Some also felt for the people who will lose their wages and therefore oppose to the rally. Some may be rational in their thinking to ask what are the steps towards a fair and clean election instead of a rally?

The third I call the tengok nasi group. People goreng nasi or makan nasi, they will only watch. They have no opinions of themselves. A rally is there - they watch, no rally - they watch too. Some are opinionated but never voice out their concerns. Deep inside they know they want a fair and clean election but deep down inside they do not want a rally which could make the country looks bad in the eyes of the world.

Sensible THINKing 
Listening to so many quarters, I finally asked a few questions but yet unanswered. I am neither for nor against Bersih. I am of course supportive of a fair and clean election (who wouldn't?) but not a rally at KL town. Perhaps some people could help me here.
1. First, does the government really do not have a fair and clean election? If the election is thus unfair, how can Kelantan fell into the hands of opposition for so long? If it is unfair, then at any point of time during election, no states could be placed at the hands of opposition parties.
2. Second, assuming the election is really unfair and dirty, do we need a rally and right in town to create an impact? Why not at the stadium? Or some suggested Putrajaya since CNN will do coverage and is good chance to show the beauty of Putrajaya.
3. Is Bersih itself really bersih and harbor no other thoughts or self benefits? If it is so bersih, and the objective is to create an awareness on a fair and clean election - why not do nationwide roadshows, get to know the rakyat and inspire them to voice up? Why MUST be a rally and MUST be at KL town?
4. Who funds Bersih? Self funded? Bersih t-shirts, plans, transportation, perhaps to ferry rally participants to KL town.
5. Is it really true that Bersih has ties with foreign countries which really want to see Malaysia fall in disgrace and stop direct investments to Malaysia? Why would someone who loves the country so much by asking for a fair and clean election be involved with foreign agencies to bring down the country?
6. What makes Datuk Ambiga so ambitious and adamant in organising such a big scale rally and specifically wanting it to be in KL town? I have respect for this woman but her adamant and to me irrational requests made me wonder why.
These are all questions unanswered in my mind and perhaps I am sometimes so "stupid" to understand issues like this. SO for now I am the makan nasi group. Have a good lunch.
Things just happen, the rest is up to us to make it GREAT!
Hoong Ling
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  1. This is a big question. Precisely you have done your way of life. A kidney, to fulfill your destiny. I'm stranger and strange call all time. Do you think those marching people idea is stupid ? Wait for few more decade.. You shall see it with your own eyes

  2. I don't think those who marched are stupid but in fact they are courageous to brave the authorities. Malaysia needs people who are proactive, NOT people who only follow instructions like most of our ministers. However, I also disagree with a rally to get things done.