Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tokleh Tehe: Saya Memang Bangsa Malaysia, Anak Malaysia

What do you mean by Bangsa Malaysia, many asked me. I said it resonates in the heart, I'm a Malaysian, period.

What differentiate you and the others, I was asked. People will distinguish you as a Chinese, many said. Yes, I'm of the Hainanese clan of Chinese race but that doesn't make me any less Malaysian. Millions are questioning why government forms and many other forms still have the "race" or "ethnicity" field when they harp on 1Malaysia. Many wanted it to be removed. What's the use of having such statistics of knowing how many Malays, Chinese and Indians (and other ethnics too) when we are all Malaysians, many also argued!
However, my question is - what have you been DOING as a bangsa Malaysia? Yes we can argue, we can talk and raise issues about unity. Small matter like having a 'race' field in forms, many chanted racism, and some made it so political.

For over 5 years now, I have always filled in forms, check the Lain-Lain field and when asked to specify, I put 'Bangsa Malaysia'. I've always love unity and when someone speaks about the negatives of another race or religion, I walked away. Having heated arguments with my family members even my Dad, was a norm since there are always these general statements like 'Melayu malas' 'India tipu'. And I'll ask 'what about Cina?', has Cina been so good so perfect that all other races are bad?

To understand my Muslim brothers and sisters better, I also read the translation of Quran, understand the history of the religion, why certain issues are brought up and get to know each situation better. I also fast during Ramadhan 12 years ago (but stopped for some years in between due to discomfort in stomach). I celebrate Hari Raya like all others.

I've been to church weekly for six years during childhood time and learnt about my Christian brothers and sisters. Loving one another was the most important lesson I've learnt since young.
I hope to have friends who could teach me Hinduism too.

Learning languages is so easy in Malaysia. Everywhere around us are Malays, Chinese, Indians, Sabahans, Sarawakians. So I speak some Tamil, a word or two of Sabahan and bahasa Iban. I even used these as my signature opening when I emcee for any events.

I call all my brothers and sisters to forget about anti-this anti-that, argued about this and that. These issues are so mere small issues if we ourselves have unity at heart. No one can even move my heart, as long as I have unity at heart, I'm unraved by calls of pendatang, whether I'm Cina murtad, balik Tong San, the fight of who are the origins of Malaysia, whether or not this is a Muslim country... Etc. Etc...

I am renewing my Bangsa Malaysia spirit by pledging to tick Lain-Lain and specify: Bangsa Malaysia. And I love Malaysia, is in my heart.

I always love what my mentor Anas Zubedy said, 'everything is neutral' and Harv Eker said, 'nothing has meaning until you put a label to it'.

Saya Bangsa Malaysia!
Things just happen, the rest is up to us to make it GREAT!

Hoong Ling

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  1. Dear Hoong Ling,

    Reading your piece is like getting a breath of fresh air in our polluted atmosphere of late. Do wish and pray that we, bangsa Malaysia, can move on to the next level, hand in hand; let us make our beloved motherland the Eden of our dream and the envy of the world. Let Yasmin Ahmad's legacy lives on. God bless.

  2. Polluted nation. God save the king. I pointing at corrupted nation, you already knew who. Lawyer buruk

  3. In case you don't get it, read what other see our pm like thaksin, suharto, even worse gadaffi.