Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kayak for Humanity Sarawak 2011

4.30 am and we are all at lobby awaiting transport to ferry us to KLIA.

Our flight sponsored by FireFly, we only paid for airport taxes and baggage.

All of us, 11 of us were in Diver City t-shirts. Diver City gave us t-shirts, waterproof bags and PDA cases.

Reached Kuching, a smooth flight and first destination was for breakfast. I had my first serving of midin, a fern-like vegetable which is compulsory to eat in Sarawak!

We were expecting our container to clear today but unexpectedly, we had to wait till the second day.

Forced to stay in a small room furnished with only 6 benches as our 'beds' and floor as our sleeping ground. 14 of us cramped that room with luggages and all our stuffs. No water that day so some of us slept in filthy condition. We had newspapers as pillow and towels as blankets. But all well, the room was cold, chilled by air-conds and we even have astro!

The next day we bathed, cleaned ourselves in a public wash room and then moved to the port to unload all our stuffs, kayaks, equipment and the many freebies for Sarawak folks! We travelled, leaving Kuching to head to Mukah and decided to stop at Sarikei.

We'll rest the night before continueing journey to Mukah tomorrow.

things just happen, the rest is up to us to make it GREAT!

Hoong Ling

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