Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kayak for Humanity - training days 2

This is tough! At times I wonder why was I suffering here but I have a message to send.... Awareness on organ donation!
Kayak for Humanity combines passions - all our passions in one. It is a youth outreach expedition to promote sea kayaking sports, create awareness in organ donation, sending messages on environment and nature preservation, and most importantly our team contributes to unity.
I love the unity part of this noble Kayak for Humanity expedition. The paddlers are mostly from Peninsular Malaysia and will help encourage better relationship among peninsular and the Borneo island - Sabah and Sarawak. This year we specifically chosen Sarawak for its diversity in culture and nature. Our team consists of Malays, Chinese, Indians, a Sabahan and also Sarawakian. Our team bonding has been strengthen in these just 6 days of training alone. We are ONE family!
It is tough for me especially a someone with one lobe of liver, one kidney and only one functioning ear. My abdomen still bears a large Mercedes scar and still lack of strength as I did not stretch it much after 2 years operation.
First it was a capsize drill. With whole body in the waters and my kayak overturned, I relaxed myself, grasp as much air possible and tried to turn the kayak over. I tried 5 times and failed. My team mates had to come over and overturn the kayak for me. I then needed to help myself by pushing my body up to the kayak, which I took long enough time to do it. I was afraid to stretch the Mercedes abdomen so much. However, yesterday we did another round of drill. I got a lighter kayak, and turned it in one try. And slowly climbed up the kayak and roll over to my seat. I did it!
It is not an easy struggle. Kayaking - long distance sea kayaking to be exact is no easy feat. People asked us what humanity got to do with kayaking. And what humanity do we do? In fact, humanity could mean many things to many people. For us, our passions are considered humanity works - ain't environment, organ donation, sports, youth development, and unity, humanity?
And what has kayaking has to do with humanity? I'm truly inspired by this article - what has swimming gotta do with organ donation?
After struggling for 6 days, my skin colour is darker, I'm burnt, muscles all aching but it is my passion in organ donation that pushed me forward. Kayak for Humanity is organ donation and it is my passion. I want to proof that even a living donor could struggle and do long distance sea kayaking. I may be the last in the team most of the time but it is also unity among the team that pushed me forward!
I'm proud to be a part of this struggle and noble expedition and we will definitely make it! Please wish us well, pray for us and help us go through this expedition in Sarawak. I have also shaved my head as a pledge to the success of Kayak for Humanity! You can see my latest photos at
So far, we have financial assistance from GREAT People Sdn Bhd, accommodation and training place at Kolej Uniti, secretariat and accommodation by Ministry of Youth and Sports, a friend sponsoring RM500 and my Dad also RM500.
We need more support! We have applied for financial assistance from Ministry of Youth and Sports and hope to get the funds approval soon.
If you could help, please help sponsor me (yes, it is a personal request) cloud 9 (somehow this chocolate could give instant energy), Snickers chocolates, instant noodle, drinking water, ORS, sunblock, tights, muffler or face cover and the least I would expect is cash sponsorship.
Thank you in advanced! :)

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