Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kayak for Humanity Day 3 at Kampung Kuala Matu

Today we kayaked from the jetty we stopped yesterday, back to the ferry jetty. Tok Hamzah was very concern with our safety and the unpredictable waves at the estuary.

From the ferry jetty we hired a lorry to carry all our kayaks. The UNIMAS bus and us travelled by ferry to the opposite side. When we were about to leave the jetty, 3 villagers came to send us off. Just one night of bonding the villagers were so close to us. I was particularly close to Kak Ramlah.

As the ferry left the jetty, the villagers waved us goodbye and I was in tears. I just can't do this, leaving people who have so warmly served and bonded with us.

We headed to chalet YB Datuk Abdul Wahab, the Member of Parliament for Igan. He hosted us at his chalets. However he wasn't at the chalet and Tuan Basmi represented him.

Many helped in the kitchen to prepare a feast. We then went to Kampung Bawang, Kuala Matu to Tuan Basmi's home for tea. As we walked almost 3km to his home, we also stopped door to door to greet the villagers.

After tea time, we saw a few children having line dance at the road side. A few paddlers joined in the fun and later a good song came and everyone had joget with the villagers, even Tuan Basmi and Tok Hamzah joined the fun.

We went back to chalet for some rest. And then were surprised by a dinner and karaoke get together. To our surprise Kampung Igan villagers came to join us sing along. They came by a van and when they left most of us cried. I also got a newfound godmother - Kak Ramlah.

At night, the UNIMAS students who joined us have to leave and another batch of 10 students and staffs came. UNIMAS provided 3 batches of students and staffs group, each group joining us for 5 days.

During the sharing session, almost all cried. We are already ONE family and for some it was difficult to accept separation. I stopped crying that night, perhaps dried my tank of tears or perhaps I need to learn to love but not 'fall in" love. But all well, I always cry anyway!

Moving on to Daro story for Day 4....

things just happen, the rest is up to us to make it GREAT!

Hoong Ling

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