Monday, January 4, 2010

The word "Allah"

I am intrigued by comments on the recent ruling by the High Court to allow the use of the word "Allah" by Herald. These are a few articles supporting it while there are some skxawng** mourning for the "loss".

Asri: "Manusia memang patut panggil Tuhan dengan panggilan Allah"

Allah, the Bible, Christians and Muslims by Anas Zubedy

By far, I like this blog the most:
Confident people do not get confused by Marina Mahathir

As some could have guessed, yes the appeal is coming, too. And let's continue seeing the drama.

Whatever it is, it does not matter for me as I am a Buddhist and we believe in the teachings of Buddha (not Buddha). If all of us could just FOLLOW the teachings of our own religions, could there be no arguments on God and the names to call God?

Ain't all religions teach us to be good? And how could "be good" - such a simple term to follow - could be so difficult to do? I once asked many many many questions about the "technicalities" in Buddhism - such as why there are monks who are not vegetarian, how do we justify karma when we can't see it, can anyone prove reincarnation, why this, why that... till a point that a monk finally advised me - Buddha taught us the noble truths, middle way and the basic 5 precepts. If any Buddhist can just follow these simple ways, he is a true Buddhist whether he knows the answers to those questions or not.

All religions teach us to be good. Are we all good yet?

**skxawng (to understand the Na'Vi language, click here - too obsessed watching Avatar!)


  1. Marina Mahathir summed it well. In a nutshell, it seems that Malaysian muslims have weak faith.

  2. well i dont believe Marina Mahathir is in the position to make such a Fatwa. In a nutshell, no its not the muslims in Malaysia has a weak faith. They have the strongest faith and thus, the non-muslim are trying to weaken the faith by attacking the muslims and trying to talk about Islam from their shallow knowledge on Islam. So, those who simply want to talk about Islam but has no intention at all to learn or understand about Islam, please keep whtever opinion to yourself.