Friday, January 8, 2010

Setitik nila rosak susu sebelanga

I was not at all interested in writing anything in regards of the burning of churches last night because I felt that it is really an act of skxawng, nothing more than too-free-after-makan acts to burn some fiery feelings or maybe why not, burn some buildings? And also, is nothing related to Buddhists like me so, why write?

I didn't even want to put more energy into this issue as I always believe that where the energy goes - it expands. So why waste energy there, why focus on issues when we want to unite? I even posted on my facebook status "just saw Lifebuoy soap advertisement on TV - interviewed a Malay, Chinese and an Indian on the effectiveness of soaps. WOW! Even TV ad uses multi lingual, multi ethnic concept. That's how it should be! That's the way, I like it!"

However, Pah Nur's blog changed my mind. She asked all brothers and sisters irregardless of religion to stay united in this issue. A few friends asked of my opinion, then when I was at zubedy's office today, Anas asked 3 times "Are you writing on the burning of the church?" (tiga kali wooo...) so Ok la... tulis sikit la...

As Buddhists, we do not even fire back when someone destroy a Buddha's statue or a temple because we know that the teachings of Buddha lies in our hearts and we practise them in daily lives. A Buddha statue or a temple is a place of worship and an image to let us know who our teacher is. NOT acting in the name of revenge is WISDOM, the essence of Buddha's teachings. While we believe in "protecting" the Buddha, the Dhamma (Buddha's teachings) and the Sangha (monks and nuns), we also know that "Takkan agama Buddha lenyap di dunia" (as in Takkan Melayu lenyap di dunia, la!) so why so kan cheong? Somehow, I heard someone said that Buddha himself predicted that there will be no Buddhism in the future also, so why so kan cheong?

I believe the Christians are wise enough to be calm and stay loving to their "enemies" - essence of Christianity! How beautiful can religions be and how situations can really test our actions and real practise!

Well, this does not mean that I am blaming those who burnt the churches are not wise. In fact, whether is for good or for bad, wise or unwise, somehow it could be related to this incident that many did not turn up to protest after Friday's prayer today. Thanks to them who puts the fire, no?

I find it amusing that warnings after warnings were issued when there was sign of Hindraf demonstrating at the streets. But when people want to protest because of the "Allah" name, our Prime Minister Najib said he can't stop the protest.

Well, sebab setitik nila rosak susu sebelanga, sebab satu perkataan bakarlah beberapa gereja. It just show how unwise these people could react to one single word. I would say that the acts of just a tiny "drop" of people has made Islam, a beautiful religion of great Peace, a bad name, at least in Malaysia for now. We have also seen what the "drop" did during 911.

Wiser Malaysians can see that such an act is NOT the teachings of Islam, much far away from the practise of any religion. I don't think I will reproduce what other Muslim bloggers have on what the Quran says in this matter. There are many here:
Pah Nur's opinion
Anas' quoting the Quran
Art Harun's

And I always like Marina's la... She focuses on what is to be done NOW, not the pointing of fingers, brooding the past which can't be changed. Marina's suggestions... I like the suggestion on getting Muslims to clean the churches, cool idea!

A few of my friends really condemn Islam and accused the beautiful religion for the burning of churches. For these friends, I advise having more friends of different ethnics and religions so that you understand your friends better. Even better, understand their religions and culture.

Yesterday when Anas' presented a talk - he suggested non-Malays to read the Quran, buy a peribahasa book to read and... err.. aiyo need to "repair" my memory. All those I did but funny thing was... he said non-Chinese should read Tao Te Ching and... errr.. (repair memory)... which I never even touched that before!!! Am I the OCBC?

As my blog title suggests - it was only that "drop" of followers that spoil the name of Islam. And my sharing of other blogs here proved that there are so many Muslims actually condeming the act of burning the churches as well. Let us not be the skxawng to point fingers and simply conclude that Islam is *****...

May all be well and happy always!

skxawng - moron in Navi's language
kan cheong - nervous (in Cantonese)


  1. yeap, i agree with you. all religions teach to do good. it's the people who practices it that spoils the name of the religion. on the other hand, if the publication really take these "skxawng" low mentality into consideration, they could just put their GOD instead of the "forbidden" one. why need the hassle to go to court proceeding for it? it's a 2 way thing here.

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