Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Talk to Hoong Ling series: Part 1

Talk to Hoong Ling series: Part 1
Let's hear from Hoong Ling personally, her story, aspiration and her wishes! Let's help her make it!
I am just walking the talk
I have been promoting organ donation and spread awareness in this topic since school days. As I signed the organ pledge form at age 13, it came across my mind to do it (donate organs) even when I am alive. Look, I have been talking for years now so I am just walking the talk! For me, I have touched only one life by saving one person's life but for many people, they think I have touched more lives by having an inspiring story to tell.

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I joked why didn't Mercedes give me a real Mercedes car so I can be its permanent marketer - it's tatooed on my abdomen! I did expect a C-class scar but as nurses opened the wounds, alas, I found a S-class! WOW!

I wish to talk to you and your friends so everyone could pledge their organs. I am willing to go around to speak on my story if it inspires people to pledge their organs. I hope to just quit my job and go around for one full year speaking to as many groups as possible to encourage more people to pledge their organs.

Look, we can't just see people die everyday because of our selfishness and ego. Can these attitudes be brought to the coffin? Come on, pledging means you donate organs after death. What else are there left on earth, your selfishness and ego?

I am not Buddha. I still want to be a multi millionaire and my goal is RM16 million cash, I want a big house and of course a Mercedes, too (why not?).

Yet, contrary to many beliefs that you can only do good or contribute to community when you are truly rich, I do it now while I have yet to reach riches in material wealth. But I am rich - I have a rich life, a rich story to tell and a heart filled with gold.

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