Saturday, September 15, 2007

New Job New Goals

I started to work in Xeersoft Malaysia on the 3rd September 2007. Xeersoft is a company which provides web-based online solutions for businesses. I'm hired as Executive Assistant to help out in the management and coordinates among staffs in Xeersoft.

Looking at the company and its growth potential, I feel that there are great expectations from this company. The first week itself gives me the feel of Xeersoft family.

I think my gastric and stomach ulcer problem will not occur anymore often as the family in Xeersoft normally take lunch together. In the pantry there are biscuits, lots of malt drinks and coffee stocked up.

Having listened to the audiobook "One-Minute Manager", especially on the first One-Minute Goal Setting, I was thinking of a goal for me in Xeersoft. Frankly I wasn't really sure of what is expected of me although the job scope clearly defines my roles and reponsibilities.

Now..... here comes the hard part..... I will not be waiting for the company to give me a goal, why not declare a goal for myself and the company? So..... what will it be?

Right before I join the company, I was already discussing with my Dad the possibility of growth and learn in Xeersoft. Another company, a foreign bank, was offering me 30% higher salary than Xeersoft but I turned that down - mainly due to the "feel" I have towards Xeersoft. I told my Dad - give me 5 years and I will be the Director of Xeersoft and bring it public. Very bold personal goal, right? So that is my driving motivation to work in Xeersoft daily.

Well my goals with the company:
- bringing Xeersoft to greater heights - higher profits, more customers, stronger brand name
- giving values to Xeersoft by sharing knowledge, experience and skills
So, how do I make this in a sentence to make it a renewed goal daily?

I Want to Make Xeersoft a Strong Brand as The Web-Based Business Solution Provider With the Culture of Professionalism, Sharing, Caring and Effective Leadership.


  1. I so dissapointed.... after all the hard work never use my slogan.... :( just kidding :>

  2. Yeah la.... me, too. Spent like few hours....