Monday, August 13, 2007

Redang trip

Last month I went to Pulau Lang Tengah as a part of team building with colleagues. Though I enjoyed beaches very much but Lang Tengah wasn't as attractive. Food there was scarce that we need to fight for food (yeah, think of hunger stricken places where people offer foods there!). While service was not bad and the snorkelling trips alright, overall I would only give 4 points out of 10.
So this trip to Redang - I wasn't anticipating much but expected it to better than Lang Tengah.
Ahoy, we went to Kuala Terengganu by bus at 11.00 pm. We were at the Putra Bus Station by 11.00 pm. Knowing the long journey, we took turns to visit the washroom and by the time everyone is getting excited and listening hard to the announcements of our bus arrival, suddenly a man came to us.
He asked "Ahmoi! Bas pukul berapa? Pergi KT kan?"
HL: Bas pukul sebelas
The man: Sekarang pukul berapa dah??!?!! (on an angry tone)

At a look on our wrist watches, it was already 11.05pm.
The man: Bas sudah keluar tau ka..... nih banyak kali panggil apasal tak naik?

We quickly grabbed our lunggage and left for the bus. The whole journey to Redang and back, we were more discipline with time! Hahha.... good lesson there....
Reaching KT at 6 am and all look like this, take note of all the sleepy eyes after 7 hours journey by bus....

We took ferry from the KT jetty to Redang Island.... and we stayed at Redang Beach Resort.

The resort was nice, food was superb and service was satisfactory. More More Tea Inn was the main attraction.

Snorkelling is the main activity and a short "diving" lesson (shallow diving only la...) top the water sports activities.
On the last night, Redang Beach Resort featured an open air disco. After our dinner at Summer Palace, having porridge steamboat, Steven and Jen Yi danced their nights out! And the YMCA girls doing their stunts! We also celebrated Ai Chuen's birthday with a simple Pandan layer cake! We had Chivas to go with the cakes, what a great combination!

We had a feel of Redang sunrise the next morning - having purposely woke up at 6am just for that.

Leaving Redang, we went shopping at KT, buying keropok lekor and keropok ikan.
All thanks go to Mun Hui for having suggesting the trip, all the way to the bookings and coordinating till the end of the trip. Thank you also to Fern Nee and Wai Kheng for being great room mates. Shiao Chin and Ai Chuen for having great ears to listen to my forever long stories. Jen Yi for all her charms that add great moments to the trip and her husband for the "diving class" and having to accompany the leng luis....

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