Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Dream Funeral

I've always think I've done almost anything I need to do and even at one point of time thought I can now go deep in the jungle and meditate, be a nun or something to spend the rest of time life.

Thus far I hope things I've done never offend people, do not create negativities and hopefully have inspired a person or two, perhaps touched some lives.

I always think 'What if I die the next moment?' Have I done all that I could to prepare for death?

I have no regrets, no grievances, just perhaps some words left unsaid (which sometimes better off this way), hmmmm all these made me dare to die - putting myself on the operation table to part with 60% of liver, facing death at Kayak for Humanity expedition.

But I want to tell people my dream funeral. When I die I can't tell people about this so I better blog this so you guys know what I want. Yesterday I had dinner with a group of fun, happy people and when I mentioned my dream funeral, everyone seems to echoed and suggested something which just click on my dream funeral! Happy people think alike!

1. First rule, NO tears allowed

2. Karaoke is a must and I want everyone to sing!

3. Bring on the mahjong tables

4. Play bingo games, card games, board games, Wii games, Playstation games all you want!

5. Only happy news allowed, no one can come and complain or utter any grievances.

6. CKGord suggested face painting for my face and grafitti of my casket. Please use orange as the theme, my favourite colour.

7. Attire: up to you, colour: preferably orange!

8. If I'm married and I die before my husband, my husband must already start looking for another partner for the rest of his life.

9. All useable organs and tissues must be donated.

If you do all these, I will live forever.

Things just happen, the rest is up to us to make it GREAT!

Hoong Ling

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  1. i commend u on ur kind thoughts n deeds for others esp the less fortunate. But, please do not think of a 'dream funeral'. It is nothing that u envisaged. Death is not kind to anybody. It is not only a whole lot of suffering for the person who is going to depart permanently from this world but for his/her loved ones as well. It is easier to bear if there is no pain...but most of the time it is accompanied by pain...a pain of hell or a path of hell, if you like. What a dying person should think of is: how do i make things more bearable for myself? and especially those beside me on my deathbed? The very vision of my dying self on deathbed is definitely not a pleasing nor pleasant sight...

    You are a good person...haven't come across such goodness for a long time :):)