Friday, September 9, 2011

I am very rich and wealthy!

Again, I grew up to understand giving is always better than receiving, service above self and give first then take.

Yet, learning to receive to empower the givers the joy of giving, was what to me most difficult to learn.

Since young, when someone is good to me, I always have the feeling that someday I'll need to repay them to show gratitude. At one point of time, I received so much ang pau money during Chinese New Year, I vowed that I MUST be rich.

I told myself there are so many people I want to take care of. Sure enough my parents, my aunt and uncle who brought me up, my Ipoh aunt who never fail to take care of me and my many relatives who have been very kind to me. If I'm not rich how can I repay them, I thought.

My skin is sensitive. If I wear something fake like imitation gold necklace, steel ring or earrings, I'll have rashes and itching. Thus if I'm not rich, how can I buy authentic jewelries, I thought.

I have a taste for luxury. Of all nuts, I don't like peanuts but love macadamias, one of the higher end nuts in terms of price tag. I enjoy scallops and abalone best although there are still certain foods considered luxury barely could enter my mouth. Again, if I'm not rich how to savour all these delicacies?

Giving to charity is my passion. I just can't help working for free, doing things for free and volunteer for free. Even in business, as a professional emcee I still allocate 5% of all my income for charity. I always tell myself I MUST be rich enough to do all of my passion!

Although it doesn't show, I also love a Mercedes Benz. Despite satisfied with my good old Proton Iswara which serves me very well, I will also daydream of one day my dream come true to own a Mercedes. So how can I not be rich?

My Dad loves China, Mom loves Macau and Las Vegas so how not to be rich when I too dream of luxury holidays!

Therefore I must be rich and wealthy. But when all things start with the seeds of thoughts, I've already planted seeds of being rich in myself and guess who will be the next millionaire? Me, of course! :)
Things just happen, the rest is up to us to make it GREAT!

Hoong Ling

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