Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mission: Life Saving, Update: Latest

Hmmm many people asked me HOW ARE YOU NOW?
100% recovered?

The below are just a few photos taken about two weeks after the liver donation

The scar?

I have measured the scar - is a total of about 14 inches. Now the wounds are all dried up and I will post latest photos soon.

Any recommendations to reduce the scar?


  1. hey girl.. i saw u in newspaper today..hehe..
    hows life over there now??

  2. I am wordless but just so...

    Admire your courage & Salute !

  3. happened to browse your blog.. and you deserve a big pat on the back for donating your liver to the young girl.

    Definitely not an easy choice to donate your liver. not all people will have the courage to donate the liver.