Thursday, February 12, 2009

Gifts and New Things

The many many essences that I received - Fish Essence finished because they said it helps heal the wounds faster... from left - Lo Hong Ka Cordyceps Essence, Lo Hong Ka Ginseng Essence, Eu Yan Sang Essence of Chicken and Brand's Essence of Chicken

I bought 4 boxes of these for my mom and then took one box for myself! Hahah... The 4 boxes is in exchange of something on my neck now....

My Crocs.... casual slippers

Haha.... Another pair of Crocs... nice? See the flowers - Orange and Blue - XeerSoft logo colour!

OK - fancy having a little diamond necklace in exchange of 4 boxes of Essence of Chicken? My mom bought this for me and I bought the Eu Yan Sang for my mom.... ngek ngek ngek OOopps... the Crocs are paid by my mom too! My friend called when I was in the middle of the shopping spree and when I told him I am buying a diamond necklace, he thought I sold my liver to afford buying this. But is my mom who bought this!

Two pairs of Crocs come with this pair of cups in event of Valentine's Day

The cups change colour and words when warm water is poured into the cups! Nice things! Hmmm but I have no partner to share the cup with.... hmmm
Thank you thank you thank you for having gifts for me today.

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  1. hey friend..
    how r u ??
    hope to c u soon..mayb during *ling hooi's wedding*..hohoho..