Saturday, November 18, 2006

Today I am sick

After about 2 years never fall sick, except for a week of viral fever in between, I finally got sore throat, cough and flu. The trio always come together about 2-3 months once but that was before year 2004. I have fed my antibodies with multivitamins daily for the past 2 years. Busy days come and go and I forgot to take the vits for about 2 months now. See what has forgetfulness done to me now! However, I find that I recover faster than before unlike last time I would stay on bed for days to recover. Wonders of pills heh!?


  1. Oh no! I didn't know you were sick - you never mentioned it in your emails. Get better SOON!

  2. hahah.... Thanks for the e-Card, helps a lot! Cheers for you too.