Saturday, November 25, 2006

A Day of Reflections - My Best Birthday 1998

When was your happiest moment on earth? What have you done to benefit mankind and humanity? How did you make your life worthwhile? Where were you when you felt best about yourself?

Today I reflected things I am happy with and works I have done, not forgetting reflecting my happiest moment.

It is now near to December, one more month and I will celebrate my birthday. It is so very normal for me to reflect my happiest birthdays for the past 25 years. I remembered my 18th birthday, organised by all my friends.

From planning, invitation, venue, food and arrangements are all done by my friends. They informed me a few weeks earlier that they will throw me a party. "Wow! A birthday party.... I have never had that chance before!" They asked me who to invite. When I was blank (since I never organised parties before), they even guided me by going class by class. "Who in Form 5 Orange you want to invite?... 5 Indigo?..." (our classes are named after colours)

A venue was fixed at my friend's, Woo Suet Sze's house, and the time was 7pm. They then arranged everything and all I had to do was to reach there safely and celebrate the day! What great reflections you have when you have friends like that, right? Whenever I remember this day, tears normally roll down my face. I have such good friends and great companions in my life. As I reflected, I also ask myself, where are they now and how are they doing in life. A few are still in touch with me but I have lost touch with a few. Really wish to see all of them back one day.

So when was your happiest moment?

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