Friday, February 3, 2006

More than RM150 spent on Anson Chee Cheung Fun alone!

This year Chinese New Year celebration was a bit different without Tempoyak Curry and Stuffed Crabs. In fact, a reporter wanted to cover the special dishes on my family reunion table but too bad, the 'cooks' didn't want the special hassle this year. My aunt is getting old and always having backache.

If you are wondering what is Tempoyak - it's fermented durians! I don't think we can find Tempoyak Curry common on Chinese dining table. Yuks, you say.... Tempoyak? Even yuks rhymes with tempoyak.... Some people don't even like durians and how can people even put fermented durians in their mouths!!!????

However, what couldn't run away from our mouths every year for Chinese New Year is the famous Anson Chee Cheung Fun! This will never be missed.

Liew Kee Chee Cheung Fun from Teluk Intan normally opens as early as 8pm to produce Chee Cheung Fun all the way till the next morning. Operations often only stops at 8 or 10am during peak periods like Chinese New Year. See how the queue lined up nicely till the road side of the 'factory'!

This time I found a sign saying 'Please Queue Up'. Normally there is no queues, only people crowding around the entrance to shout their orders. The manufacturer finally get things organised by encouraging patrons to queue up.

One roll of Chee Cheung Fun normally costs RM1.10 at normal days but raised to RM1.50 per roll during Chinese New Year. One packet will have 2 rolls, making it RM3 per packet, which many people think is still cheap.

Well, if you total up my family spending on this specialty alone, we spent more than RM150 for this within 3 days in Teluk Intan. If you are wondering, people normally buy from 20-100 packets each. My cousin even ordered 20 rolls in a pack to bring home to Batu Pahat. I took my grab of 10 rolls to Ipoh when visiting my aunt.

If you have special eyes, you can see the picture on the left, the guy in white is holding RM100 waiting patiently to buy Chee Chueng Fun. I also bought 20 packets home this time (at time of taking this photo), RM60 worth. Chee Cheung Fun is so fun!

Anson Chee Chueng Fun differs from other Chee Cheung Fun as the fillings are made of dried prawns and other ingredients pre-fried to cook. Is black in colour and wrapped in thin, soft sheets of cooked rice water. So the finished roll normally comes out white with black spots.

Too bad, this photographer (that is me!) forgot to take a picture of how it looks like when finished. This picture on the right is the 'factory'! The 'boss' in orange shirt will pour rice water on the tray and spread the cooked ingredients on it. Then push the tray on the conveyer belt steamer. As the tray moves to the other end, the Chee Cheung Fun is done!

Another worker on the other end will roll the Chee Cheung Fun, and another will collect the trays, wipe the trays and push it back to the boss. The ready Chee Chueng will be packed by another person on the table at the left side. If you see properly you can see there is a red plastic bag to put the packed Chee Cheung Fun.

See.... Chee Cheung Fun right at the door step of the factory, fresh from the steamer!

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