Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Luna World

During recovery, I was so boring that mushrooms almost grow around me. My mom at that time was having online game craze. She was playing CQ (Chun Qiu) Online and got most of my family members to join in the fun. The game was in Chinese so I couldn't play.

3 Vaios, a desktop and my XeerSoft Acer - all playing CQ Online except mine.

I got something cute to play, too and it is in English, LUNA Online. The craze also started in me and since then I think I have spent about RM1,200 to play the game. I like the game very much although it lags a lot and also getting boring of leveling after some time.

A lot of new friends made and the fun kept me busy during the last 2 weeks of the recovery period. Runup, Malaysia distributor for Luna Online, have contests and events although not too often.

I just join one of the contests and suddenly today, I got mail in office! In the package was Luna characters stickers, 2 discount vouchers for Luna meals at Gasoline Cafe, a Luna Online fan, a Luna Online CD, MS Online CD as well as a few promotional brochures from Luna and Gasoline.

I sticked all those stickers on my company notice board...

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  1. Cool stickers there~, i prefer those tiny luna word sticker look cute.