Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Organ Donation - what can you do

I am surprised! Last morning I received a call from Ooi Gaik Lean, all the way from Penang. 8am in the morning my phone rang and I thought that must be someone dialling a wrong number but what surprised me was a call from a very enthusiastic lady wanting to know more about Organ Donation.

This is rare gem! Imagine someone waking up early in the morning and call me to talk about organ donation, ain't this wonderful? Someone who care about the issue and willing to take actions but do not know how.

After a few questions, she actually found me through this website. Cool what internet can do heh? First, I got a call from TV3 to interview me, next a call from Penang. All about organ donation. This means that articles I wrote years ago is an attempt not futile. Cool to know this!

So, 'What can I do as an individual to create more awareness about organ donation?' I grew with excitement when Gaik Lean asked about this. I was thinking and finally here is what I can share.

As individual, anyone can start by just signing up as an organ donor AND inform your next of kins about your decision. Next, try to influence your relatives and friends towards this noble cause. As you answer their doubts and questions with open hearts and willingness to share your 'life' even after death; you will find strengths and rebuild confidence that your move to become an organ donor is always a definite right thing to do.

Secondly, Gaik Lean suggested a very good idea. She said that all the organ donors should form a small group to help create awareness among people in their community. Gaik Lean, for one, lives in Penang but do not have the resources and materials to start with.

Thirdly, with the use of Internet, I am sure information and technology always go together. With just a click of a button, everything can be automated. I have suggested in my article a few years back, we should automate and make organ donation available online. Imagine an article written in 1999 and no one in Malaysia has make that move yet.

NOT all who have their organ donor card in the wallet make it to donate their organs successfully. Unless you die in an environment where equipments are available to maintain your organs' 'lives', you cannot donate if the organs ceased functions. In this case, tissues like corneas, bones and skin can still be donated. So, the number of organ donor card holders are very important. The more, the merrier!

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